Ode SSP MP burrs & Brewing Tips

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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Any tips on how to get the best out of the 64mm SSP MP Red Speed burrs in Fellow Ode? I have medium-light roast coffee currently.

I set mine 5 clicks off chirp as Fellow instructs. I am having trouble getting the excellent results others speak of - though I am not getting bad results either. What setting do most people use for v60 or immersion (switch, clever)?

Figured I would reach out for some feedback and help. For a while I was brewing round 6,0 to 7,0 range and getting cups that were deep chocolate, and I thought this meant I would need to go finer to get more acidic clarity. But then I decide to try going finer and even at 4,1 I was not getting bitterness, and surprisingly I got *less* chocolate and more balance. But I am still lacking clarity.

I thought that chocolate notes extracted *last*? So I was going coarser from 6,0 upwards to 7,0 and still getting chocolate. How is that going finer resulted in less chocolate taste?

And what temp are people using? I have been brewing at 205F or 208F. In Hario Switch I do a 3:30 immersion time with 1-1:30 draw down (adding water first, and grounds second, per Hoffman). For V60 I have been using 20g in an 01 size unit (I have also tried it in 02 size unit but I think the 01 is the better size for my dose?), and brew times are around 3:30.


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Maybe do a cupping first?

So you can get to know the beans and what to expect from it and start from there :D