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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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I have the xeoleo as well, but not the ghost burr, but normal ones. [It was only 70€ at ali]
I use it mainly for lungo's grinding at 1-1.5
Goes perfect, also using i t with drip brews at 2.5, also fine.
Tried different beans, all well, only Australian beans flying all over. But taste good.



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luisguilherme wrote:There's nothing wrong with the Vario beyond aesthetics ;).
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but both my wife and I are pleased with the aesthetics of our Vario. I'd thought it kind of "meh." My wife wasn't sure. I guess the photos and videos don't do it justice, because, after I got it in place I remarked "That actually looks really sharp." "It does," my wife replied.

We're using the single-dose hopper.

It took us a while to dial-in the grind for our Aeropress, but I think we're finally there.

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HG-1 works just fine and all I ndrink is PO. It's about how you grind. On the Kruve grind scale were near 1100 with 198° water