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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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DamianWarS wrote:... I decided to cut a tea strainer into the size of an aeropress filter. I put the cut out mesh inside the cap, then added the paper filter and fit it to the bottom of the aeropress. ...
That is a neat idea you had! Thank you for sharing :)

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it's more following ganges lead with the stagg x so I can't take the credit, it's also not amazing, but that's the process of experimentation. ganges mentions the aeropress works as a gravity dripper without bypass so I thought I would use his stagg x technique on the aeropress. gange gets the idea from rao and rao introduces it in his lastest pourover video. At the time I just stored it in my head as interesting but it does work. I tried the mesh with the regular method for aeropress and it was good results. I would have to do multiple blind tastes with and without the mesh and use a refractometer to get an idea of what sort of impact it has. In the end, I would think it would allow you to go finer

Here's a pic of the cap with the mesh inside. It's pretty snug. The paper filter would then go on top of this and the aeropress has normal functionality including cleanup.