Nitro coffee maker suggestions

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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I did some searching and found a lot of folks like the NitroPress+N2 cartridges. Also the Growler Works version, but most posts I found were older.

What's the state of the art in Nitro coffee at home? NitroPress makes 500mL at a time, if possible I'd like a bit more capacity, like 1L would be nice.

Thanks, apologies if I did a search-fail...
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I have used my whip cream dispenser to make nitro coffee. It is 1 liter but I don't quite fill it.

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Thanks, do you use N2 or N2O chargers? Can you share what dispenser and chargers you use?
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The one thing to watch out for is some systems use Nitrogen (N2), other systems use Nitrous Oxide (N20), some use beer gas (N20 + CO2), and some systems can use any of these. There are taste differences; I prefer N2 as it doesn't change the taste of the coffee; it just changes the mouthfeel (and appearance if you want that Guinness cascade effect).

The latest trend is machines that pull the Nitrogen from the air - so no cartridges. NitroPress' DS system for their existing NitroPress is probably the least expensive of these, but it isn't available yet - pre-orders are open for (supposedly) September delivery. I had looked into it when it was first announced, but I would have had to drink a lot of Nitro coffee to break even.

I went with the NitroPress because the 500ml capacity was just right for pulling two to four double-shots into it, to make Nitro Americanos. (I keep the NitroPress with water in a bar fridge that I keep right around freezing.) I have no desire to make/drink/store cold-brew/Toddy/etc., so the immersion systems like Growlers were out. For cold coffee I have one of those brews-for-hours Japanese water drippers, but I prefer coffee from that without Nitro.
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Thanks for the input.

I ended up going with a NitroBrew - no cartridges, nitrogen tanks, etc. It seems like a cool set up, we'll see!
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I have one of these coming: ... r-packages

Have yet to find anything better.