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Is anyone using the Niche Zero for Aeropress? If so, what sort of grind setting are you using?

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There's some debate about 'best' grind size for Aeropress. Off the top of my head I'm usually around 40--a bit less. Usually I use the Aeropress when traveling and use a hand grinder so. . . .YMMV.


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The inventor of the Aeropress has changed his preference over the years. I think currently he prefers something on the coarser end of an espresso grind with a very short steep time of around 30 seconds. I think he uses a water to coffee ratio of 3:1 or 4:1 which will yield 2:1 or 3:1 of an espresso strength coffee. He then, depending on his preference at the moment, either drinks it straight up or dilutes it 3:1 for a regular coffee, 2:1 for a strong coffee, or 1:1 for a very strong coffee. He prefers it on the stronger side because coffee from an Aeropress is very smooth.

There's an Aeropress thread which will give many different recipes.

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Thanks. Also good to note that most people's taste buds and preferences change over time.
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This morning I tried the following:

14g at 40 on the Niche Zero
200ml water just off the boil
Stir x 10 + 1min brew + stir x 3, press

Came out surprisingly good given I haven't used an Aeropress in about 5 years. Admittedly I'm probably using much better coffee, and definitely a much better grinder nowadays!


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I forgot to mention that the Aeropress inventor also recommends using a lower water temperature of around 175 degrees F. He stirs for 10 seconds, steeps 10-20 seconds, and 15 second (per scoop of coffee) plunge.


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We use ours inverted.

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I've noticed that I like my Aeropress coffee at work better than at home - exactly the same beans, I bring them in to work, 200 degree water in both paces. The difference is the grinder - the little Lido-E that I brought in to work is set for a somewhat coarser grind than my Niche gets to in the 0-50 scale. I was just thinking that I'd try winding the Niche setting out past 50 a bit for Aeropress and test that.


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If you make a new mark (use a sticker, paint pen, etc) on the black ring at the 0, when the metal dot is set to 50, then you'll be able to keep track of your setting easily.


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I find that for my light roasts, when I get up to like ~40, the NZ starts to produce a lot of fines.

Here's my go-to recipe that I do for aeropress with light roast on the niche zero:


(Pardon the pasted screenshot, I haven't built proper recipe sharing for my Bean Beast app yet.)