New Hoffmann One Cup V60 Video!

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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James Hoffmann released a one cup V60 video a few days ago, and it's somewhat different from his original technique. Its essentially just a flat pouring speed with 10 second breaks between each pour. I used Onyx's Geometry blend and it was very good! I have always been somewhat frustrated that his original technique, which I like a lot, did not translate to anything other than a 500ml brew.

Has anyone tried this technique? If so, what are your thoughts?
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Video, note corrections in the first post of the comments - Matt Winton did it first; 10:13 says coarse but means fine; and his hot water tap recommendation fails physics in many people's homes:
Follow-up video with clarifications, mea culpa's. etc. Note this video has its own correction pertaining to Comandante settings (see comments).
Matt Winton's 2021 World Brewer's Cup winning method, to which JH says, "it appears I've ended up in a similar place to Matt Winton's Five Pour Technique. I was aware of Matt's work, but hadn't watched this video recently, and I think we've just worked our way to similar techniques independently. Shout out to Matt for getting there first!"
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There really is nothing new in this, this technique is more what one could say it's a rediscovery more then anything else. Splitting the total volume up in equal seized blocks just isn't a new idea and many have advertised such approaches for years.

But It's good it now is out there more public available so more can get a reliable method that has proven to work... it might not necessarily be the best or ultimate recipe but it works for lots of coffees especially those not wildly expensive and special from small lots.