New Aeropress Products for 2023

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Aeropress announced four new items last month at Ambiente 2023:
Aeropress XL is twice the volume of the original. Appears to be made of the current polypropylene and its dimensions are both wider and taller than the original. It may take a new larger paper filter, and it's noted that their new filter cap does not fit this model.

Aeropress Premium is made of glass, stainless steel, and aluminum. It looks like the plunger seal is still silicone.

Aeropress Clear brings back the original clear look of the Aeropress, this time in Tritan copolyester

And finally, the Aeropress Flow Control Filter Cap adds essentially the same function as the Fellow Prismo attachment. Notably, the inside seems to use only a paper filter with no metal mesh. It's compatible with any Aeropress model but the XL. Available now for $24.95: ... filter-cap

I don't see pricing or availability for the rest.

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I guess Mr. Adler has been over-ruled by the newer management :lol:.

First it was those somehow-they-got-a-patent-on-this metal filters - and he was always not much in favour of, extolling the health benefits of paper filters.

Now there's going to be a bigger Aeropress - something he always seemed to argue against.

And a 'premium' material Aeropress? - the triumph of consumer want over engineering need, I guess.

The Clear takes advantage of newer materials - but I can only think that this version should have replaced 'the' Aeropress instead of being (I guess) something in addition.

Speaking of patents, I guess Fellow didn't patent the Prismo?

Anyhow, I'm obviously not in the target market for any of these products. I bought the Go because the whole assembly fit inside my Bonavita travel kettle, and I could still fit the business end of a mediocre Knock grinder inside the Go's plunger.
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#3: Post by jpender »

I remember about ten years ago people lobbying Alan Adler on Coffee Geek for all of these things. Yes, he was resistant. Eventually the Go came out after a long, long time but that was it.

Back when I used my Aeropress every day I wanted several of these things. I always felt that for home use the Aeropress was a little too small. I have a preference for metal filtered coffee so, yes, a metal filter. A pressure sensitive cap was a no-brainer in my opinion. I even hacked one for my Aeropress using the lid of a Trader Joe's Honey Bear. And an alternative to plastic also had a lot of appeal. I went through an Aeropress every few years because plastic unfortunately wears out. It's a disposable material. Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean there are probably Aeropresses bobbing around.

So now, here we will at last see all this stuff. I only use my Aeropress for travel nowadays so I don't care any more. I guess the question is, how many people do care? I wonder if it will turn out that Alan was right all along.

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So first thing in the morning, before the mental haze burns off to welcome the rise of the morning intellect over the visual horizon, I am going to balance a glass cylinder over a glass vessel and press down while attempting to keep the entire assembly vertical on a granite counter..? What would go wrong. - 2000-2023 - a good run, its time is done

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I'm super stoked for the XL. Off amazon, I picked up the flow control cap and it's been a better alternative to the inversed method. Hopefully aeropress makes a flow control cap for the XL.

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Exciting to finally see one not made from gross plastic.

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Reread #4 :wink: :lol:

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To which I would respond plastic endocrine disruptors leaching into your hot acidic coffee and then coursing through your bloodstream? What could possibly go wrong?

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The blast radius will be wider than you think.
I have to say the aeropress premium looks impressive. A few silicone rings around the outside may help mitigate some early morning mishaps.

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ReignDrops wrote:I'm super stoked for the XL. Off amazon, I picked up the flow control cap and it's been a better alternative to the inversed method. Hopefully aeropress makes a flow control cap for the XL.
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