Need help with Bonavita BV1800TH replacement carafe

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I bought my Bonavita BV1800TH (link here) 8 years ago now. The carafe finally broke. I could hear broken glass rolling around inside, and it started leaking coffee out. They don't make this one any more. It's now the BV1900.

I think the new carafe they make fits my old coffee maker. They are backordered. Has anyone found a replacement that works well? It just needs to fit the grounds holder.

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The stainless steel carafe probably works - I have that version of the 1900. I replaced its lid with an improved version (they added a gasket), and emailed them about whether it would fit and received a fairly prompt reply that it would fit, and it did. I suggest you email their support.

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Thanks for the help. I ended up going with the Bonavita carafe for the 1900. It worked great. The Bonavita CS folks couldn't guarantee that it would work before I bought it, but I took the chance, and it fit great. They also kindly gave me a customer loyalty discount because I've bought a lot from them in the past. Good people.

Apologies for the delay. Despite being subscribed to the thread, I didn't get any notifications. I appreciate the help.

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Man, I had mine listed on craigslist for like a year, I would have sent it to you free but somebody finally bought it. The stainless steel one from the newer model works perfectly fine but I've found that I can always taste the metal. Fwiw, I went with a large French press that works perfect, fits the blue cone and fits perfectly underneath the Brewer, all glass.

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You can also use a Chemex or V60 with appropriate size carafe.