Mochamaster grind (flat bed)

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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Wondering when brewing with the Mochamaster you want a flat bed of coffee grounds after brewing? Assuming grind size would dictate this?


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Hi Bob, welcome to the forum! For me, a flat bed is determined by both grind size and technique. A finer grind that restricts flow and keeps some water above the bed allows grinds to move around and also not be hit directly by water jets. And a pourover type technique can also settle the bed, I typically will shut off flow to the carafe during the first 30 s "bloom" (I have the KG) and then at the end clockwise/counterclockwise stir and raise and drop the filter to flatten the bed. How much this affects the final cup is up for debate though, and I've had great cups when the bed is flat or not. Just like pourover, I find the roast level and age of the beans can also prevent a flat bed, but a flat bed might not be too important aside from looking nice.