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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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jpender wrote:Nothing. The Brikka is a modified moka pot by design. It's basically a Moka Express 3 with a slightly wider exit tube and a valve at the top of that. The coffee grounds get saturated early on with relatively cool water (~50°C) and then the valve stops the flow until the pressure builds to a certain point. Then the coffee flows out very quickly. The result is a brew that takes place at a lower temperature on average than a regular moka pot. You also get some foam as the coffee is forced through a small orifice. It's pseudo-crema but part of the marketing of the device. More important to me was that I never had to play any games to keep the brew from overheating like is usually necessary with a standard moka pot.
I see, that's interesting, it's the value that's making a difference versus a standard moka.

jpender wrote:In addition to the efficiency difference (you'd essentially throw away 1/3 of a bag of coffee using an Aeropress to make a 6-7% concentrate) the taste was different between the Aeropress and Brikka. I wouldn't say that one is better than the other. But I had a preference and it wasn't simply due to the economics. As a one off the extra coffee required isn't that big of a deal. And an Aeropress is less expensive and simpler. But in my opinion neither is as good as a well-made espresso that is either pulled to 1:3 or diluted to that concentration.
For the rare occasion that I do want strong coffee I'm happy and willing to take the hit on waste, but I do agree with you that it's not going to be the same as a decent well pulled espresso, I'm under no illusion on what I'm giving up!


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Another idea worth at least thinking about is a Picropresso. From what I've read it makes a pretty good espresso, at least with roasts that don't demand high temperatures. It's very small, doesn't have feet so no footprint. It accepts 18g doses. I use an Aeropress when I travel but I have to say I've been tempted to get a Picopresso for that purpose instead.

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yes this is what I was thinking about when I referred to the handheld espresso devices in the OP.

I think for the cost I could just give this a go anyway to be honest.