Melodrip accessories?

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Any melodrip enthusiasts have some great finds to hold their melodrip and glass stir stick? I have broken at least three stir sticks due to stupid placement and would love to see if anyone has found like the perfect cup/pencil holder combo for their melodrip and accessories. For example, I have seen a 3D printed mold someone used for their melodrip and glass stick to hold their device in between brews that I thought was pretty nifty, but couldn't find the file for it.

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I switched to a cooking chopstick once my Melodrop stir stick broke. Cooking chopsticks - at least some of the ones that I have - are pretty much the same diameter as the Melodrop stir stick. They are longer, but plastic/bamboo doesn't break.

Now I have some coffee stir sticks from Japan that are meant to do the same thing, but have different weird ends. No idea if they are better or worse or just different :lol:.
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I actually got a prototype of a stand they are making, so something is in the works, though I'd say that there needs to be some improvement from the prototype to really make it worthwhile.

Otherwise, you may already know this, but you can order 5 new sticks from them online. They are actually longer versions ("XL's") which I actually like better, and they aren't expensive.