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yakster wrote:Slim pickings, but I found this for you at Newegg.


nice find, I did a search but came up short, except for vintage ones. I don't have any metal drippers and they aren't my first pick but for something like camping I would definitely use them as the go to. did some more digging and it seems to be a 3 hole design. available in a few other places like Walmart Canada (not sure if walmart US has it)


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See them on Amazon, but reviews are not promising and looks like it might take a while to come from China .... ... F8LXK?th=1

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Interesting comment on Amazon that the bottom is two layers of metal where the holes are so that coffee gets trapped in between the layers.

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Yeah that was a strange comment indeed....


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Why strange? You can see in the photo where the base is tack welded to the cone. It's not surprising at all that liquid gets siphoned in between.


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other metal brewers sort of "sit-in" and sink below another piece that lets it rest on the rim of a mug. This other piece doesn't come in contact with the drawdown and it sits on the outside walls. Seems this brewer has a bit of a design flaw.