Melitta pourover recipe/techniques?

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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Lots of info out there about conical and flat bottom pourovers, but we have the old Melitta-style brewers here at home (conical, but comes to a tapered/flat bottom). Are the recipes and recommendations the same as for v60, etc, or does anyone have better techniques for this brewer shape?

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Recently I made a few pourovers using a 1cup Melitta dripper clone. Not sure are all made the same, mine has 3 smaller holes at the bottom
Used Testu Kasuya method (40:60) with a bit more coarse grind than for the V60, due to lower flow compared to V60. Turned out nice


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This one is fiddly and I rarely use it but it's interesting. With their coffee it produces a gentle cup with lots of layers of distinctive flavours. Maybe the recipe, beans and EK combination allow this. ... wing-guide