Mazzer Mini setting for Clever Dripper?

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Postby stinkyonion » Jan 23, 2013, 11:44 pm

Ive only been drinking coffee for a month, all espresso/latte/caps. Now want to make regular coffee so can better appreciate some of the coffees I have bought. As I understand it, a gesha or blue mountain or whatever is partially wasted on espresso, and I will get a different experience with regular coffee. So I bought a clever dripper. But, I have no idea what grind setting to use, or even what regular coffee grinds look like. Now, I understand that apparently the Mazzer Mini electric numbers dont correlate from machine to machine (but I dont see why they havent fixed that, seems easy to me, must be lazy about updating). Anyway, I know I have the right grind setting for espresso, typically close to 5.65 for most beans. Now, im guessing coffee should be ground around 8ish for a difference of 2.35. That difference should be constant from machine to machine as the threads are always the same spacing. What is the difference on your mazzer mini between espresso and clever dripper settings? And what is the grinder setting difference for the aeropress, hario v60, and french press?

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Postby fishll » Jan 24, 2013, 12:43 am

With most pour over brewers your looking to finish your extraction in the 3-4 minute range. This is determined by your style of pour along with your grind setting. If your familiar with preground coffee that would be a good starting point as to compare what comes out of your mini. Think between table salt and kosher salt. I have never used the clever dripper though it may require a different grind setting. Good luck and use your tongue as the ultimate judge.

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Postby jedovaty » Jan 24, 2013, 2:33 am

If no one with a ccd steps in, here's another idea to try... I don't have a CCD brewer, but from what I've read about it, it's one of those that you can vary the grind and steep time. According to some internets, you can start with a coarse grind. To get an idea what this looks like, spend $6 to buy a half-pound bag of any *$, ask them to grind it for you for french press. then grind a few beans on your own to a similar setting, and go just a bit finer from there. Then tweak grind and steep time from there.

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Postby another_jim » Jan 24, 2013, 2:36 am

Drip is about a quarter turn (90 degrees) past the espresso setting, French Press is about a half turn (180 degrees). If you know the ratio you want of steep to percolate time, you can get your setting in the ballpark on your first try -- e.g. if you want to steep for two minutes and percolate for two minutes, try about 120 degrees from your espresso setting