Max dosing @ 1:15 for different drip brewers - V60 and chemex

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#1: Post by Phobic »

me again!

I've been playing around a lot with different brewers over the past few weeks and have finally settled on a 1:15 brew ratio as my go to.

What I'm a bit unsure of though is what the maxium practical dose and water is for each different brewer size to maximise extraction and taste.

The problem is I enjoy a decent sized drink ~280ml in the cup which would mean
  • 1 drink - 1 cup V60 - 20g and ~300g water
  • 2 drinks - 2 cup V60 - 40g and ~600g water
  • 3 drinks - 6 cup chemex - 60g and 900g water

would I be better using a 2 cup V60 to brew a single drink at 20g into 300g?

I've tried a 1 cup V60 with 16g and 240g of water but the drink size just isn't enough!

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#2: Post by Jonk »

It depends on how many pours you limit yourself to. I regularly brew with 23g:380ml in a 1 cup V60 and that's fine divided in two pours excluding bloom. More is possible if I wait for the bed to almost dry out before adding new water.

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#3: Post by LBIespresso »

With the Kalita 185 and Origami brewer I find 30-35 grams is my sweet spot but some coffees 30 is the max.
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#4: Post by zefkir »

I've brewed close 60:900 in a size 02 V60. Split into four pours.

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#5: Post by Milligan »

I usually do 20-22g to 300ml in a 02 V60. I'm a fan of the Tetsu method right now, but have messed around with a few recently. I feel like the Tetsu makes the most consistent cup even with errors.

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#6: Post by Mbb »

Twice per day I do 29 g / 475 g into my vacuum tumbler. It's all the tumbler holds so that as big as I go. Based on getting the liquid in in 3 minutes I'd say it's getting pretty close to as big as you really want to go with the V02. Can you do more if you grind bigger..... Or extend time.....sure

The minimum I usually do when I'm low on coffee or just want a partial cup is 20 g

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#7: Post by mkane »

25/350. Bloom, three short pulse pours, and one big one as on the Cafec site.

I'm thinking of going to 1:17

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#8: Post by culturesub »

I do 1:18-1:20, depending on origin and solubility from that, in an 02. I almost always do 25 gram doses and grind really fine, so generally 25:450 or 25:500.

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fantastic, thanks everyone.

I've been giving it a try with good results for the past couple of days