Mahlkonig Peak for Brewing

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Anyone ever try a Mahlkonig Peak as a brew grinder instead of for espresso? Did it require re-calibration to grind more coarsely? Were the end results any good?


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I have never used one, but I have a KR804, with Sweet 804 cast burrs which are supposed to be the same burrs as the Peak uses. It is very good for my pour-overs and per reviews on the actual Sweet 804, it should be one of the best pour-over grinders. So I assume the only question is if the Peak can grind coarse enough. Does the Peak manual or guide mention how coarse it can grind?

If you are in the US, your could buy the Ditting 804 Lab Sweet for $2200. Ditting USA has an April special on it right now. That is around the same price as the Peak. It is reviewed as great for espresso also and the Lab will have extended gears so you would not have to recalibrate - the coarsest and finest setting would all be in same dial range. Also, it is designed for single doses.

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LewBK (original poster)

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Thanks, the Sweet seems like a great grinder but it has a large footprint from what I can tell and wouldn't fit under cabinets. Is that right?


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With a little moding...

LewBK (original poster)

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Impressive. How did you do that?


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Replaced original hoper with wood work :idea: