Lifting the Kalita Wave off the cup it sits on fixes the stalling issues? - Page 3

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cactus_farmer wrote:...I got the Tsubame stainless steel version of the Wave based on this article; ... nt-review/

Which indicates that the regular stainless steel Wave has a stalling issue which the Tsubame version addresses and fixes...
Same, except that I brewed with a Flair dispersion screen in the regular 155 steel Wave for about a year before I switched to the Tsubame. The Flair screen did help. During my pre-Tsubame days I'd gotten in the habit of quickly lifting the Wave a cm or so off of the rim of whatever I was brewing into and then setting it back down after each pour, and I've kept doing that, so I probably haven't experienced stalling with the Tsubame for that reason alone. Anyway, lately I've just been using the Clever for the sake of simplicity.
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