Lelit Anita how to make hotter espresso

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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I recently bought a lelit anita, love the machine, although i need advise.
I've been extracting at 95c i tried a few degrees above, but i always get a so so hot espresso.
I like my espresso to be really hot, i also leave the portafilter inside the group head when the machine is warming up, also do an empty shot before taking the espresso.

warming up the cup i dont think it makes much difference. is there anything else i can do?

When i go to a caffe the espresso is served almost burning my tongue, how do they do it? they use boiling water or something? i seem to not be able to have that at home

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For what you want, warming up the cup with boiling water will make a huge difference. Commercial machines have cup warmers on the top of the machine that use either heat from the boiler, electric heating elements, or steam to keep the cups almost untouchably hot before espresso is pulled into the cups.
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This is what I do, almost. Before every shot I let the unit heat up, then flush the head.... into the next cup I'll be serving. 190F is close enough to boiling to do the trick. Then while the unit is coming up to shot temp, I grind and prep the puck. All the while the hot water sits in the cup. So the cup is plenty hot when I do pull the shot.


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Microwaves are your friends. You can heat up very easily any liquid to any point, without "cooking" it, in seconds. In the case of an espresso 5 seconds at 900W might work well, or be even too much. If you buy a microwave oven, even a very simple one, you will soon discover how useful it is for defrosting and cooking, too.

I suppose you do flush your group with hot water from the machine before pulling a shot.

That said, drinking very hot liquid is not good for your taste buds in the long run, "hot" is not a flavour and it's not good for you. But it's your choice.