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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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I use electric 1.2 L Brewista with cheap flow restrictor for 2+ years, I make single cup 250ml twice a day and occasionally with may brother and sisters coffee sessions 4 cups 1L/60gr so far so good... :D, before the Brewista I used 800ml tiamo stovetop around 1year...


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nrh wrote:I just purchased the Moosoo kettle. Similar in appearance to Fellow, but half the price.
How do you like it?


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It heats up fast, and the pour is good. I haven't used the Fellow, so I wouldn't be able to compare them. I actually ended up buying more of these to use at my office - so now I have three of them. So, I guess you could say I liked it enough to buy more!
Nick H.

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Nick; Does the Moosoo do a good job of holding the temperature you set it too? e.g. if you set it to boiling (212F) will it maintain a rolling boil, or does it turn off? I tried a similar kettle to the Moosoo but found that once it reached boiling it would turn off and drop to about 207F before the heating element turned on again. Thx!


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Good question. It turns off when it gets to the temperature you set. It shows the changing temperature on the digital display as the temperature decreases. You can turn it back on manually and it will go back to the set temperature pretty fast. I've done this and it takes about 10-15 seconds to get back to 212 after getting down to 190-195.
Nick H.