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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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#1: Post by Elliot »

Hi all -

I am not sure if this is the appropriate forum, but there is a small "issue" I am looking to solve. I don't ALWAYS think solutions require a new product, but this may.

I do not own or use a batch brewer. Instead, my primary non-espresso-based coffee on any given day is a V60 I make. I really like the results I get with 30g of coffee and 500g of water. It produces a couple cups, which is a good volume for me. I may do this twice some days, but mostly once.

However, the Hario glass carafe I have doesn't do a good job of keeping the coffee warm. I would prefer not to put it on the stove top or re-heat, as I think that kills the flavor.

Anyone use something specifically for this purpose? Perhaps Hario's insulated thing here:
This from Kruve looks lovely, but without a lid, I wonder if it would really help much:

How do you solve this?

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#2: Post by baristainzmking »

Welcome to HB.

I hate cold coffee so here is what I use. The 20 ounce (they also make 24 ounce) contigo tumbler. ... 00JE352NO/

I preheat it with hot water and use the plastic V60 S it retains the heat better. Works like a charm!


#3: Post by belegnole »

I used to use a thermos to take coffee to work. The one I had kept the coffee hot for hours. However I also like iced coffee so now that I work at home I'll drink some hot then ice the rest.
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#4: Post by AssafL »

If I have to - I use a zojirushi insulated flask. Keeps it hot for hours, the top is a cup, it has a sipping lip and works great.
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#5: Post by thuegli »

I use a Ninja vacuum sealed travel mug. I drink one cup at home and fill this for work. My coffee stays warm until lunch time. Best mug ever. I ordered 10 of them at $15 each. I think the price has gone up a bunch since then. But they are awesome.

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#6: Post by yakster »

I use my Bobble Presse, it keeps coffee hot for hours. I brew up coffee in the morning in my BraZen to share with my daughter and pour my share in the Presse.

After lunch, I clean up the Presse and add the filter and gasket and brew another cup from the hot water cooler at work.

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#7: Post by Shenrei »

The new Fellow Carter mug is probably the best travel mug I've used, specifically due to the lip which is designed to be like a wine glass. The thermal properties I find to be excellent (the zojirushi works TOO well, and kills the coffee flavor fast). I was at the launch event and I was given a couple.
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#8: Post by blkswn »

The Ember Travel Mug is an expensive but nice option for this. It'll cool the pour over down to 140F in about 45 seconds for immediate drinking. If you rinse the v6o filter over the mug, the end brew will retain more heat as the phase change material has already begun absorbing heat from the rinse water. It'll keep your coffee at whatever temperature you desire for 2 hours, though 15 minute is probably all you need. It's an interesting experience to have every single sip coming in at 140F or 160F etc. You don't get the dynamic profile such as when the coffee cools over time. Instead you get one consistent taste from start to finish. The charging base is also included, so if you're at your desk you can keep it on the coaster to have a fully battery for your second cup later in the day.


#9: Post by nutshellml »

zojirushi is my vote, stays HOT all day long


#10: Post by Mbb »

Every morning i make v60 into 16oz thermos vacuum travel mug
Keeps warm till its gone....couple hrs


Turks head on cup for grip not included, but highly recommended