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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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mixespresso wrote:If you were to use only 10g, would you just halve the amount of water needed to maintain the same ratio?
Yes. You probably need to grind finer as well.


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Might consider switching to the 01 size dripper as well. The 02 size might be a bit large for only 10g


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There is a Hario Switch in the office. I have been playing with Kasuya's recipe this week and I have to say I am blown away by the resulting taste

I plan to do an A-B test: with and without immersion step and see


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Maybe also compare with the hybrid recipe from the Coffee Chronicler. I think the reverse order of steps makes even more sense.


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But that recipe does not use a temperature profile, right?
imo, that is what makes Kasuya's recipe so special


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The Chronicler's recipe doesn't use a temperature profile, but is that really a disadvantage? To quote a comment from the previous page:
Jonk wrote:Edit: a 95C + 75C brew of the same beans tasted more bland and worse than a straight 90C brew.


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Just to clarify that comment, my preference (for those specific, very light beans) was:
  1. 90c+70c (per Kasuya)
  2. 90c+90c
  3. 95c+75c (in response to another comment about bumping temperature for light roasts)
YMMV :!: and I haven't tried Asser's recipe (because I don't own a Hario Switch).

I participated in a pour over competition today and was planning to try the 90+70c recipe. It was not possible to refill the kettle during the competition :lol: so much for that plan!