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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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#11: Post by yakster »

The 1:14 ratio also probably helped bring out more flavor too as I normally brew at 1:15.

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#12: Post by Yan »

I do 1:14 for Clever Drip and V.60/Kalita either 1:16 to 1:18, much preferred stronger with CD.


#13: Post by Jonk »

For those that don't feel like watching the absurdly slow video, here's a summary:

He used 20g beans ground at 20 clicks with a C40
Start with the valve open.
00:00 -> 60ml @90C/194F
00:30 -> 120ml @90C/194F
01:15 close the valve, top up to 280ml with 70C/158F water
01:45 open valve
Total brew time less than 3 minutes.

I wonder if the Switch is critical to this. Seeing as it's only a 30 second pause, perhaps one could just skip the immersion step, use cool water and aim for a similar brew time.
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#14: Post by Brewzologist »

I've been trying variations of this recipe the last few days including longer bloom times and using 90C water throughout the brew. Overall I'm enjoying it. Nice combination of percolation and immersion.


#15: Post by randytsuch »

I made the standard recipe once, yesterday, and thought it was really tasty. Will definitely try again, and maybe do some temp experiments.

I used my Clever Coffee because I don't have a Switch. It worked for me. Hot water dispenser and microwave for 70C water, kettle for 90C.



#16: Post by Jonk »

Also only made one two attempts so far. Modified the recipe for a regular V60, basically skipping the immersion step and adding the 70C water at 1:45 instead.

I will say there was something interesting there, not entirely like using a melodrip for later pours in my first impression. Perhaps adding the cool water has some effect in the direction of Nucleus Paragon - looks like a whisky rock for pourover? - keeping more volatiles in the brew.

Update: second attempt, side by side with a control using only 90C water. 2 people tried it blind, one asked if I added candy to the 90+70C brew :!: It did indeed taste sweeter and very smooth. All 3 of us preferred Tetsu's style. So I think it's well worth trying even without an immersion dripper

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#17: Post by yakster »

I also did this again yesterday afternoon using my December Dripper (which has four banks of three holes that can be exposed or blocked by rotating the base to control or stop the flow) and really liked the resulting brew. I was feeling the afternoon slump and wanted coffee to help perk me up in addition to enjoying the flavor of the cup. I was able to tighten up the recipe timings a bit having gone through it once before.

This time I did the first two pours in the pour-over phase evenly at 60 / 60 grams instead of 70 / 50 grams from the first try but I can't say that I really noticed a difference.

This recipe is a keeper, I think I'll use it any time I want a cup in the afternoon. A friend asked about boosting this to 30 grams, his normal batch size, and the three minute timing, I don't know how well this recipe would scale up. He's using the Clever dripper. This will officially bring my December Dripper out of retirement, the one thing I wish it had is a handle so that I could hang it up next to my coffee maker to get it up off the counter or out of the cupboards. Maybe I'll improvise a rope sling for this.

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#18: Post by DanN »

I tried this method , and it makes sweeter cup for sure. I did not try to alter the brew temperature and I used the same water for both drip phase and immersion phase. That being said I tried this in my new brewer that I found in Amazon. It's called "Cowboy Joe" coffee maker. It's a plastic contraption, looks cheap but makes gourmet coffee and can be usually scored for around $12 or less.
The trick is the soft plastic used here makes a terrific seal and there is no gaskets to worry about. Literally there are no moving parts. I use this a lot and you can use regular supermarket basket filters.

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#19: Post by yakster »

I'm using a binder clip on the base of the December Dripper now to hang it in my coffee corner as this method has supplanted my use of my SS Kalita Wave dripper for the immediate future.

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#20: Post by baldheadracing (original poster) »

I'm in an "espresso phase" right now so I haven't tried Kasuya's method yet :oops:.

Variations are starting to appear; here's one from the "Coffee Chronicler" (Asser Christensen) that skips the temperature difference:
This recipe can be adapted to work with doses from 15 to 26 grams of coffee and most common brew ratios.
Go for a 1:15 ratio if you have an entry-level conical grinder (such as a Baratza Encore or Hario Skerton).
Adjust to 1:16 or 1:17 if you have a more consistent grinder.

Pouring structure:

❶ 0:00 First pour: 50% total water volume (Open switch)

❷ 0:45 Second pour 50% total water volume (Closed switch)

❸ 2:00 Open the Switch and let it drain

Total brew time = 2.45-3.15.
- from https://coffeechronicler.com/hario-switch/

In video, 6:38 long:
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