Kalita wave + V60 flow control

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#1: Post by happycat »

Reading about the Melodrip gave me this wacky idea

V60 but with a Kalita wave dripper on top to control the water flow (steadier, avoiding flooding, staying within the centre area)

I pulse pour into the Kalita Wave up to the first ridge in the bottom

The water flows out the three small holes in the bottom of the Kalita wave down into the V60.

I've also tried turning the Wave so I don't get three holes punched into the coffee bed below.

The temperature will no doubt be affected.

So I was able to reduce my grind setting (finer, 22 on Encore Preciso from 24) and increase water temp (94c from 92c) and have a rich, mellow, sweet cup.
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#2: Post by Pingel »

Nice - but it is still a poor mans Melodrip... And good thinking to get around the temp problem, that is if you want to go low on the temperature...

I just tried out the Kalita vs the Melodrip. And you would need more holes, and holes that deliver smaller droplets than the Kalita if you are gonna reach the performance of the Melodrip. And then there is the height issue (from drip to grind), especially if you are going to move the dripper around over the grinds to saturate all of the bed evenly.

Besides these few issues you are getting close ;-)