James Hoffmann: The Best Home Coffee Brewing Machine

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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A little disappointed he only did the Ratio Six and not the Ratio Eight, but this is interesting nonetheless:

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He probably did not want a $500 machine in that lineup.
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The last one in his video is over $500 USD


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That's a Ratio 6, it's 345 USD.


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Can I have the cliff notes, #1?

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Rough quote, "If you own any of these already, you're not going to see an upgrade by changing"

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Don't sweat the differences in the cup because they're not different enough for it to matter.
Instead, make your decision on function and design.

He liked the Ratio 6's extraction the best will all variables effectively equal, but really seemed to dislike using it the most.
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Jeff wrote:Rough quote, "If you own any of these already, you're not going to see an upgrade by changing"
Sounds like his quote for pour over drippers...
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Feel like James almost never gives a definitive comparative judgment. He seems to believe or at least like to represent that almost all products he reviews have a place in the market...unless it's something absurd like a $20 espresso machine on Amazon.


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I've heard an interview with him from a while ago where he gave his genuine opinion on some new upstart drink. He intended it to be "its just not for me" but it was taken much more harshly, and I belive caused companies to cancel ordered and tanked the company. That was never his intention, and it was a wake up call to him about how much pull he had. Since then he's been very careful how he reviews things.