Is Your Trifecta MB Still Working?

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Hello all,

I'm happy to say my Trifecta MB is currently running great. Pretty much 3-4 12oz. cups daily since May 2012, with monthly cleanings. I had to use my back-up MB for a while when the air-side solenoid on my daily driver gave up the ghost. It's the price one pays for brewing 12 oz cups with freshly roasted coffee.

Bunn factory solenoids are not available, BUT... I figured out a replacement using another solenoid. The valve portion of the solenoid is what gets gummed up and can be easily cleaned if you remove it, but it's time consuming and a PITA. The electrical portion of the solenoid is rock solid. If you let the solenoid go too long between cleanings, it seizes up and taking it apart it results in the valve tube cracking and eventually breaking in two. I located a replacement solenoid on AliExpress, physically identical, except for the fact that it is 230V instead of 12V. I remove the valve portion from the new 230V solenoid and install it on the damaged 12V solenoid. They are only $16 each, so I always have a couple solenoids and pumps on hand for emergency repairs.

I would love to hear if other Trifecta MB are still using theirs.

Take care!


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My original finally seems kaput, but I did pick up 2 backups on the buy/sell! I have #2 at work, and #3 in the bullpen.

It is sad that Bunn not only stopped making them, but stopped supporting them. They were not exactly cheap!
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Hey, guys! Mine still works fine, AFAIK, but it's been retired and is now off the counter since I've switched to pourover. I was actually thinking of selling it. Thanks for the solenoid tip, Jim.
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