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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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yakster wrote:I spilled some coffee down the back of my shirt when hoisting my backpack over my shoulder today. I'll have to be more careful about it in the future, the coffee came out the three breather holes.
I was gifted an impress last year, enjoy the coffee from it about once a week, and one morning decided to try to drive to work with coffee -- a ritual I've seen on many occasions of drivers next to me, but never attempted myself. This was one of my biggest epic failures :roll: First, my car doesn't have a cup/coffee holder (whoda thunk it), and second, I learned a very quick and rather painful lesson the impress not only keeps the coffee at temperature for a long time, it also allows coffee to escape from those breather holes, the problem which was exasperated by the stop-n-go of morning rush hour city traffic. :shock: