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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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#41: Post by yakster »

I gave the Impress Pull technique a try after lunch. First I ground up a little over 19 grams of coffee and sifted it through my paint strainer mesh (now using smaller, 4 oz jars for convenience) yielding just over 18 grams for the brew. I cleaned up the Impress mug and assembled it with the inner sleeve and filled it with the coffee and 260 grams of water from the water cooler, stirred and waited about five minutes.

When I went back to the sink to pull the inner sleeve out, I must admit that I figured I had a good chance of spraying myself with hot coffee, but to my surprise the maneuver worked very well. When I pulled out the inner sleeve, the water level stayed constant and I could feel that I was sucking the water through the mesh. When I finally pulled out the sleeve, the spent grounds resembled the mound in a siphon coffee maker that have had the moisture sucked out of them via the equalization of the pressure in the bowl at the base when the apparatus cools.

I took a picture of the inner sleeve and the bottom side (the other side of the cup-shaped screw in filter) looked very clean. I don't know if this was because I sifted the fines out first, but the resulting coffee also tastes very clean.

While this was an interesting experiment, and does seem to result in a cleaner cup, it seems like more work to me and since the Impress when used normally doesn't over extract the coffee I'll probably go back to my normal routine for the majority of my brews. I'd just rather brew the coffee and go and then save all the cleanup for when I'm done. (usually when I get home from work)


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#42: Post by gamilacompany »

Wow - it's great to see so much curiosity and analysis here. Thanks so much for sharing thoughts on the Impress! Definitely learning more through your own efforts and we hope to keep improving and expanding the device. All suggestions welcome!

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#43: Post by jbviau »

^^^ Welcome! Yeah, Chris has piqued my interest a bit in this brewer.
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#44: Post by bean2friends »

I spent my mothers birthday present on 2 of these - they came today. I brewed up a cup of Ethiopia Wakito Sekala decaf. I like these quite a bit. Makes a delicious cup with very little trouble. I haven't cleaned up yet so maybe I'll not like that but these are going to be great for travel and an easy afternoon cup.


#45: Post by biznus97 »

Just got a couple of these in. Did a test batch and it turned out great!


#46: Post by fox65 »

After reading many reviews over internet, have few questions to guys who use this device:
Did you notice different coffee taste if you drink from Impress and porcelain cup?
Is lid issue a big deal and better to wait for modified lid?
I am using Aeropress at work for many years, but many times used travel mug as a cup. The coffee tasted differently in the stainless steel and porcelain.

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#47: Post by yakster »

I don't notice a difference in taste with the Impress versus porcelain. I used to use a Contego travel mug, but switched to porcelain travel mugs after I noticed a metallic taste in some coffees. I haven't noticed this with the Impress, I'm not sure why.

I'm not familiar with the Lid Issue. I heard about a possible design change, but I'm not sure why.

Yesterday I left the mug on top of my car, I'm glad I heard it fall over and I was able to pull over and rescue it before it hit the ground. I would have been pretty upset if I lost or broke it.

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#48: Post by fox65 »

Thank you Chris for reply and opinion.

What I read from reviews: " baffle over the drinking's size, location, and combined with the Brewer's ability to retain heat, turns it into a nozzle and sprays searing coffee on your lip", "The black dots are now flaking off". May be they will make a changes soon.

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#49: Post by Arctic Mama »

I would expect some flaking of the dots, given that they're not etched on. Short of that, stuff printed on metal invariably gets worn down by handling and repeated washings.

Looking forward to getting one of these - we'll see if I like it better than my messy bodum or pourover cones :)

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#50: Post by yakster »

Mine sees heavy use and some of the dots are wearing off... it's a tight fit in my car's cupholder and I've dropped it a few times. It's still working great. It's seeing a lot of use at my folks house right now. I use it so much I've been considering buying a spare.


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