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Folks have been using a combination of immersion plus percolation by using devices such as the Clever Dripper or the Hario Switch. I have been doing something similar for a few months now but with simpler equipment. The description here is for single dose brewing.

I perform the immersion phase by adding 60g water to 15g coffee in a 5-Ounce Stainless Steel Bell Creamer, 150 ml. (Actually I don't know why it's named 5-ounce or 150 mL because it only holds 115 mL when filled to the brim. But whatever - it's the perfect size pitcher for me.) I give it a good stir to make sure the coffee is fully suspended and let it steep for about 45 seconds. Then stir again to resuspend and transfer to the pre-rinsed V60 Size 02 (I am using the unbleached boxed filters), give it a swirl and then complete the pour in the usual way by adding water to the desired ratio, swirl/stir etc. I enjoy a more concentrated brew so I do ~1:10 (150-160mL mL in the cup) and the TDS is typically 2.2 - 2.3% which is obviously significantly more concentrated than the usual 1.3% cup (that's the point :) ).

Cleanup is almost as easy as V60 alone since it's just the additional small pitcher that I have to wash. No contraptions or extra funnels to store.

The coffees I use for my espresso and also for this method are all the typical light to light/medium roasts.

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I made a similar discovery and thought why not get the best of both worlds. I stopped doing it because I would get grinds that wouldn't make it to the v60 when I poured it and it was too inconsistent for me. I do the swirl now and it seems to work sufficiently.