I am back to pour over and I have few questions.

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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Moka 1 Cup

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I have been doing pour over on and off, during the past three-four years, I do not have a lot of experience.
I have a Hario V60 01 and a Hario V60 02 but I have using almost only the 01. I also have a Hario Fretta that I purchased few days ago and tried only two times.
I have a brand new Fellow Gen 2 Ode with standard Gen 2 burrs.
I use Hario 01 and Hario 02 bleached filters. Bonavita kettle.
During the past few days I have been playing with my tools and probably due to luck and the new grinder I have arrived to good results, definitely better than ever.
I am using the same blend that I use daily for espresso. It's a medium roast, arabica blend (Velton's Bonsai Blend).
18 grams coffee + 300 grams H20.
Ode is set at 6.
40 grams of H20 for initial bloom for 40-45 seconds, then 80/60/60/60. Total time 3:20-3:30.
Initial temperature is 206F, final temperature of the kettle is 199-198F.

Here are my questions:

1) As I said I am happy with the results. I get a reach cup of coffee, full flavor with zero sourness. Very enjoyable. However, when I get to the last ¼ of the cup, let's say the last 60-80 ml, it gets a little too sweetish. It's probably normal, it has happened in the past, with other blends as well. At that point the coffee is not that hot, most of the aromas are probably already gone and maybe I am left with only the sweet components. However I thought about asking if there is any correction that I could make to minimize it.
(I have a Niche Zro and an Eureka Mignon Secialita' as well but I was not planning on using them for pour over, definitely not the Eureka that we use daily for espresso, just mentioning them in case you think they can make a difference)

2) As I mentioned I have been using the Hario 01, to make one cup at the time. Recently I have been preparing two cups, one for me and one for my wife, but still with the 01, one at the time. How do you modify a "perfect" recipe to go from one to two cups with the Hario 02? Just double the quantity of coffee and water? Do you typically have to change the grind settings, temperature and speed? What about three cups with the Hario 03 (which I do not have yet)?

3) How many cups can you make at one time with the Hario 02 and the Hario 03? Should I consider a Chemex for more than 3 cups or should I stick to the Hario even if I have to use it multiple times, to keep things simple.

4) Similar to question #2, but related to the Hario Fretta. Based on your experience, if you have one, how may I get a cold cup of coffee with the Fretta, that is close enough in body and flavor, to the one that I make hot?
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I only do pour over and have realitive limited experiance on grinders. I only have and use a 1zpresso jmax and ZP6. Since getting the ZP6, I only use that. I have also determined that for me the hario mugen is, by far, the easiest and most consistent, plus I only have to do one pour.
I'd say to give it a whirl, it's only 16 bucks (02 size only, I've only gone to and tried about 400g of water)

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Moka 1 Cup (original poster)

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I did not even know about it. I have to try it. I assume ti works with 250-300 ml single cups as well.

Thank you!
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definitely, it's my daily driver. I'm usually doing around 20g coffee to 300g water. It saves me alot of time in the mornings. I usually am brewing SO Ethiopian harrar fwiw.


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Sounds like your " cup" it's probably about 9 to 10 oz. It's better to talk about ounces or grams of coffee because what most people call a "cup" of coffee is a lot bigger than the standard 6 oz.

I use a v02 2x daily to brew about 15 oz into a 16 oz vacuum tumbler. Typically doing 29 g/485 g. However with the slighter coaser grind or a little longer time you could likely do ~ 20 oz. Which would probably be two cups for you. That's pushing the limit of it in my experience, and I've done it quite a few times making 2 smaller cups to share a coffee with wife or son.

Truth is changing these things will have very very minor effects on the coffee...... Compared to the beans you start with. The coffee you get is 90% dependent on what you started with.... If you are even in the ballpark on grind, water ratio, and time.

I really don't worry if my coffee is brewed in 2.5 minutes or 3.5 minutes.... I don't even look at a timer. The only time I worry about the time is if I don't like the result and I want to dink around with the grind and improve it. But again, that is 90% the coffee you're starting with.

Just try it and see if your OK with result.

As far as the taste changing yes coffee changes as it cools down and reacts with oxygen in the air.