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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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I will try playing with my ratio tomorrow and reducing the amount of water. I also have a Tanzanian peaberry that I will be enjoying. I had previously preferred a grind size of #4 with it, as opposed to the #3 with the harrar. I thought that the drawdown time was similar, I should be able to verify that .

Here is a video from April on the Mugen. They do one pour in 15 seconds, no spin. I will prefer to not spin and have one less step. I also had been doing a slight bloom, basically pouring 60g and waiting 30 seconds. I will be stopping that step.


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Drinking a lovely Tanzanian peaberry. I cites that it would be considered medium. I think that I got lucky, with a setting of 4.5, 20g with 300 (1.5 cups) water, just off of boil. No spin or bloom, single fast pour (maybe 6 seconds) Took about 3 minutes to draw down. It is getting better as it cools while I drink it.


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Moka 1 Cup wrote:I will try the spin and report.

Isn't it too weak with this ratio?
28:1 would seem so.

But hey.....i used to work with a guy that liked his coffee .....in a glass....and see-thru. It was like weak tea. Theres no right or wrong.....only popular or less popular.