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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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I use precooked hard rice such as "Minute Rice." The grains are not so hard and the stuff cleans any grinder well.
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I couldn't wait...
I don't have a proper cezve yet (oddly hard to find in the middle of the prairies...), so I used a stainless steel 1 cup dry measure. For my first attempt my measurements weren't exact:

½ cup water
2 tsp coffee
1 tsp sugar
electric stovetop

The coffee tasted great! However, I didn't have much foam left after I poured it into my cup. Any thoughts?


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After using a foaming jug a few times now my Turkish coffee set arrived today. The box it came in still smelled like tobacco to add the authenticity. I hope I can perfect the art of a good Turkish coffee with all the techniques and helpful hint provided so far.

Its great to have a way of exposing yourself to a cultural tradition that's outside the area of my normally experienced. I even have a friend who is finding out about coffee through the Turkish tradition, so its good get information from a reliable source of knowledge.
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