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yakster wrote:This might be better if you only need 10 amps ... ref=sr_1_3
Thanks for looking!

10A is kind of limiting for a kettle. Even my cheapo kettle takes 12.5A. And it's not clear if that amazon controller has PID functionality. I could be wrong but I would expect that a simple set point with a dead band probably won't work especially well with a kettle. When I do it manually I find I have to shut off the heating element before I get to the temperature or else it overshoots.

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If you get the all black version, it's $50 right now ($10 coupon)
Seems like a great deal to me. ... th=1&psc=1
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RapidCoffee wrote:I think you're wrong about this. Many of the reasonably-priced gooseneck electric kettles with variable temperature control on Amazon have excellent reviews. For example, the Intasting kettle is currently priced at $60-70 and rated 4.7 stars. I've been using one on a daily basis for almost a year, and recommend it without reservation.
I just got one of these and like it a lot. Thank you, John, for posting about your experience.

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