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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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whenever i get fed up with espresso or my santos pot or FP, i turn to cafe crema... it is a good "vacation" (different taste profile etc)... basically what i do is that i have the grind size approximately or just a pinch finer that i use for drip, double PF( ca 15grams), regular tamp and a cup size about 150ml... bottom line is that im looking to fill the cup in about 25 secs.. any more and it would acquire harsh, bitter taste... result in the cup is somewhat different than americano and it tastes quite good

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Lately I have been experimenting with trying to make a good cafe crema, but I have not yet succeeded, so I was hoping someone might be able to give me a few tips.
I have read that even when making a cafe crema, you should still be aiming for a 25 second extraction, to avoid bitterness -- but in this case with 6-8 oz of liquid.
In an attempt to achieve this goal I keep dialing my grinder back further and further and am only tamping very lightly, but I am still nowhere near getting even 6 oz in 25 seconds.

When making a cafe crema, should the grind be a lot coarser than I imagined? And are there any other factors I might have overlooked?

Thanks for the feedback.

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What about a Press? I've tried Black Cat in my FP and it's great for a morning coffee.

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Since I live in Switzerland I thought I would continue this thread.

In the mornings this is a perfect drink for those who want more volume than an espresso but still want a full bodied cup of coffee. It is not an americano, much better IMO.
So I contacted my local roaster to get the low down.
Still trying this on my Caravel but I think a bigger machine would do much better. Lets see what we can come up with.
Start with beans that are a dark roast but not an espresso roast. Or just use what beans you have. Also a coarser grind is whats needed here.

Here is the basic "recipe".
10g coffee
20-30 sec extraction
Should end with 100-125ml in the cup.

Good luck and enjoy.

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So I tried a coarser grind, stronger tamp, longer preinfusion and less brew pressure. The first lever pull was a bit less pressure than what I would normally pull for espresso. The next two pulls were of very little pressure so it wouldnt blonde and that worked until I got some channeling. I only ended up with about 85-90ml. The taste though was amazing. A bit sweet like an espresso, full bodied and no bitterness. The crema a a bit thin though. Tomorrow I will try just a bit finer on the grind as I went really coarse. I also need to be more carefull on lifting the lever as I think the the third lift caused the puck to break. It was still a very fine coffee crema but still needs some fine tuning.