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You might try different filters. Apparently even among Hario filters there's three or four variants, at least one of which has a slower rate.

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Thanks, but I chose my filters based on Hoffmann's review of them. I got the quicker ones. I'm assuming it's related to the Ethiopian, like the guy said above. I've tried other coffees in these filters, and they weren't so slow.
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#13: Post by SpecC »

What temp are you using?

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For which method? Hoffmann's: 210, since he isn't clear. He just says "boil the water, pour it on the coffee," basically.

Tetsu's 15-second: 198, as per his instructions.

Fahrenheit, these.


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198 is a good temp to use. If you feel a papery taste in your coffee maybe you should rinse more. Generally I pre wet my filter with 80-100ml of water and then transfer that water to your cup so everything is preheat for the coffee. When you are done with pouring and waiting for the drawdown, you can throw the water in cup and get ready to enjoy :lol:

I also usually go for 1-2 clicks coarser for ethiopian beans because they produce more fines. Swirling your brewer is also not recommended as the fines will settle in the bottom of your brewer (unless you do a really gentle swirl).

thechristophershow (original poster)

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Yeah, I poured a lot of boiling water over the filter beforehand.

Interesting about the swirl, though. I guess a stir is better for Ethiopian then?


#17: Post by Sugssugi » replying to thechristophershow »

Yes stir is better if you just dig it but you must first douse the spoon in hot water before inserting it to the grounds. Just make sure you don't create any swirls. Usually people stir or dig into grounds at blooming or at drawdown just to make wet bed and drop those stubborn grounds on the sidewalls.

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#18: Post by scottsworth »

thechristophershow wrote:my grind was medium-fine
The coarse-medium-fine coffee grind scale is a bit hand wavy. You could absolutely get two people talking about a medium-fine grind and be thinking of two different things.