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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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Thank you. I should have known that.... My senility must be kicking in :) Maybe I need stronger coffee :)


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I Brew enough for 2 - 16oz cups in the Brazen. I like a 15:1 brew ratio. 1060g and 70g coffee. Thats slightly above a 15:1 mabey 15.2 : 1.
I'v had the Brazen 2.0 for a couple months now and love it.


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Moccamaster 1 liter using my light home roasted beans

I started at 15:1 (1000ml:65g)
Over the last couple years I've adjusted my dose all over and settled on 22:1 (1000ml: 45g)

Nice and sweet, bright with zero bitter and no sour.

I realize I'm probably an outlier