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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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jpender wrote: But lots of people *love* milk based drinks
Me ! ! !
I sometimes I suspect coffee is just my excuse for drinking a large quantity of half and half.
No sugar, mind you, but lots of half and half ! ! ! :roll:

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My go to brew ratio is 1:15 and I normally brew 750 ml water with 50 g coffee, a partial pot in my BraZen to share with my daughter in the morning. I drink it black, she uses creamer. The BraZen's capacity is 1200 ml.

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Fishchris wrote:Other than taste :D lol I'm sorry. It's just a personal thing. I love good coffee, but I love heavy cream and sweetener too. And for me, it just goes great with good, strong coffee :)
Nothing wrong with getting a faster bigger coffee buzz :P


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50:700 ish.

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I've been drinking NM Pinon Coffee (original blend) for many, many years. They recommend 5g per 6 oz of water, and that seemed weak to my taste. I grind a little coarser than some for my Bonavita, and taste-testing got me to the same 'magic' numbers as others in this thread: 40g per 20 oz pot. This also works for the other coffee I use, primarily the local roaster about a mile from home. I'm not super precise about it, so the water amount might be off, and if the last bit of one roast gives me only 36g it still tastes good.

I do a quick taste test of the coffee each time before adding a bit of milk. The taste stays consistent. I don't fill the hopper, as I like to switch between roasts now and again, and also want to be able to switch rapidly for guests. So I basically single dose each time, and the coffee stays in a Evak container with outgassing valves and the plunger cap that closes any gap above the beans.

(BTW, in my experience the Pinon Coffee is superb for normal brewing, but I have never been able to dial it in for espresso at all, it just isn't made for that. It did not produce good cold brew for me either, but that was back when they had actual Piñon nuts in with the beans -- in 2015 they modified the way they get the flavor profile in order to allow people with allergies to still enjoy the coffee. I haven't tested it out for cold brew recently, so it might be better now than my last test). ... &priority=


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I am a bit of any outlier here, but not by much. I use a 17 to 1 ratio. I usually brew 53g to 900ml in the Brazen, and find this is just the right quantity for 2.


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I'm still learning my Behmor Brazen. I'm trying between 15:1 and 16:1 for 30oz/890ml of water.
For me, with the beans I've been using, that brews a nice cup of coffee (no cream or sugar). :-)
Still playing with all the machines variables.


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Thanks again guys.
BTW, I did a little math, and I use 650ml of water, and 67gm's of grounds. But Im not sure how to get the ratio for this, as one is liquid (volume) , and one is weight ?


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Fishchris wrote:...But Im not sure how to get the ratio for this, as one is liquid (volume) , and one is weight ?
1L (1000mL) of water is 1 KG (1000g)

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1 ml of water weighs one gram, so your brew ratio is just 650:67, which is about 10:1.
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