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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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SiD- wrote:My favourite cold drink for the summer:
Take 200ml mild orange juice with lots of ice and gently pour an espresso on the top of it. That's it.
I finally tried this, and...

I actually liked it! I used Tropicana No Pulp orange juice, and Sweet Maria's Puro Scuro Blend roasted to a light french. Was kind of nice. Would definitely have again. perhaps even with less juice. I like to taste my coffee a bit more. orange juice is a bit sweet for me.

Just thought I'd include a quick snap:

Love the way it smelled, despite its looks. My partner, on the other hand, thought it was drinkable but nothing he'd have again.

*Just thought I'd Add:
Ok, so I have started to have this with breakfast now and I recently roasted up some of Sweet Maria's Espresso Workshop #11: Tono Alto. And it is really nice! Just thought I'd give an update. :)
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I discovered recently how I like cold coffee drinks: made americano based on triple espresso from Papua New Guinea Kimel Peaberry beans.

Its triples taste intensively orange - it's like some kind of orange amplification in thick, syroupy form - really it's not something drinkable. I didn't even actually made a triple to drink it straight, I expected something like that - just tasted the triple I prepared for the americano to check if I was right.
I made a glass of hot water (6oz) and waited for it to cool down, and then made the triple to separate cup and poured it into the glass, and then I added the icecubes.

You can see a very nice picture of the drink here:
(I uploaded it for a competition that's why only link here and not the photo, but then you can vote how you like it if you want to! 8) )
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