Hot Sauce in Coffee? I Think So!!

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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My wife likes red paper in her coffee. I don't understand how she can drink it.

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#3: Post by jbviau »

Won't be buying it, but I'd definitely try it! A local shop has offered a sriracha nutella latte for years, and many people (myself included) seem to find it tasty.
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#4: Post by Nate42 »

A local coffee shop has occasionally offered a "Mexican Mocha" ie a cappuccino with a magic flavoring syrup that contains chocolate, chile, and sugar. Been awhile but pretty sure they told me it was their own recipe. It was quite good.

I love spice, but for some reason, adding spice to a "dessert" style drink sounds better to me than just in a straight cup of coffee. I don't see myself enjoying that much. Would totally try it if I had the chance, but don't see myself buying a bottle.

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#5: Post by TomC »

This is probably worth trying with essentially boring coffee. Could be made at home with a good blender, some different chiles, some brown sugar, good cinnamon, vanilla and added to less than amazing coffee, balanced by a bit of warm or steamed milk.

There's nothing wrong with playing around with a recipe and making something tasty. Coffee making is cooking, and cooking is far more vast than what we traditionally ascribe to coffee preparation.


#6: Post by jpender »

Sometimes I have eggs with chipotle sauce on top and I love the way those flavors affect my perception of the coffee. The chipotle sauce is both spicy hot and also a little sweet.

The idea of adding the sauce directly to the coffee doesn't appeal to me though. In a similar vein, I love eating a little cheese along with good wine. So why not add some cheese sauce to my wine?

EDIT: This morning (29 Apr) I made an off cup, just a bit bland, and thought: why not? I added a squirt of my favorite chipotle sauce (El Yucateco) and, well, it didn't taste awful. It was just weird getting that back of the mouth picante burn with each sip of the cup. Worth trying once. Maybe it would make more sense as an addition to a mocha.