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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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Hi, I just purchased an OXO 8 cup automatic brewer after hearing so many good things online. I usually drink espresso and have never been able to get my pour over technique down so I don't have a great baseline to start from with trying to brew tasty coffee from this machine. I am using a Timemore C2 hand grinder and trying to grind between a course setting and course to finer setting. I am using the recommended brew ratios also but can't seem to get a good cup of coffee from this thing yet...so a little frustarted. Coffee tastes weak and bland...no flavor notes. I was wondering if anybody who uses this machine, or one like it such as the Mochamaster might be able to help me a little with getting a nicer brew going.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you!!

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Hi John, what's the recommended brew ratio that you're using? This will have a dramatic impact on flavor.

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For the price of the OXO you could have had the Behmor Brazen. I have never used the OXO nor the Technivorm. I know the Teshnivorm has a very loyal following. I can only add my opinion from my review where I said that a coffee maker in that price range that does not offer accurate and adjustable temperature is obsolete (or at least overpriced). On the other hand, if you think that all coffee and roast levels brew best at one preset temperature decided at the factory, I must be wrong. The Brazen also has programmable pre-infusion.
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The ratio in the manual is a bit weak. It's about 1:20, so add a bit more coffee than suggested. Also how many grams of coffee are you brewing? Even with the single serve accessory you should use use 20g or more of coffee.

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Thank you, yeah I thought that recommended ratio sounded a little weak, I was using 8g coffee to 5oz water for single cup and then tried a 12g coffee to 8oz water ratio this morning which still wasn't good. I will try more like 18-20g of coffee to about 8oz of water and see how that goes.


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I have the Oxo 8 cup and am quite happy with it. It gives me delicious coffee. I follow the recipe of 60g coffee per liter water and adjust accordingly to how many cups I want.

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1:15 is a good starting point for specialty coffee, 1:20 sounds real weak.

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I have the Oxo, and 8 g coffee to every "cup" (on the side of the water reservoir) is a typical 1:16 pourover ratio. Start there and aim for a closer to medium grind. On a Baratza Encore I'm usually at 16-20 depending on bean, which is just on the finer side of middle range. Once dialed in it gives very nice cups comparable to my Moccamaster but less clarity than a pourover


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I also have the Oxo, and typically follow the same recipe that I would brew my Kalita 185, and use the 185 filters with the grey dripper insert. I usually start with a 1:15 brew ratio using 23g of beans (345g water). It's done a very good job of brewing when I'm too lazy to fire up the kettle and pour for myself (e.g. work days). Without seeing your setup or the grinds, I'm guessing you should tighten up the brew ratio, and grind a bit finer -- and also consider using the Kalita dripper/filters with the OXO for what I think is a better cup of coffee.

cerenbook37 (original poster)

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Thank you! Yes I will try this and I just ordered those Kailta 185 filters on Amazon. I think my grind has also been too course since I tried with 18g of coffee this morning to 10oz of water but it stll tasted super weak.