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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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ernstae wrote:I also have the Oxo, and typically follow the same recipe that I would brew my Kalita 185, and use the 185 filters with the grey dripper insert. I usually start with a 1:15 brew ratio using 23g of beans (345g water). It's done a very good job of brewing when I'm too lazy to fire up the kettle and pour for myself (e.g. work days). Without seeing your setup or the grinds, I'm guessing you should tighten up the brew ratio, and grind a bit finer -- and also consider using the Kalita dripper/filters with the OXO for what I think is a better cup of coffee.

Just wondering what type of beans you use for this machine? Thanks


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I'm predominantly using light roast single origin beans in my setup. My routine coffees come from The Barn Berlin, Kuma Coffee (Seattle) and Moustache Coffee Club (Portland).

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Thank you!