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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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hahahaha......Justin your quoting me, and i only said that from watching your coffee videos.
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Most of these are just dumb devices, this tries with more adjustable but when it really only brew osmatic flows it fails as a light roast brewer. You would need more then just variable centre pour, either in terms what can be achieved on Decent or that somewhat mimic handbrew. So far none really gotten all that close even the ridiculous overpriced capsule X-bloom brewer can be said to achieve the goal. We are nowhere near where these can truly rival an actual hand brew or a Decent.

I know some like the Samantha, I can understand why in commercial settings where consistency is more important. But for home users it's probably some years out in the future the current crop delivers some okay cups but it's relatively easy to get better in hand brew.

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Please excuse this off-topic post:
daddygotcoffee wrote:I had a chance to get hands on with some pre-production units for testing for a couple days at their offices...
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As an interesting aside, daddygotcoffee speaks to this very topic in his channel:
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A bit surprised to see Hario release something like this in such a seemingly half baked way. Pressurized water is jetted into the bed without any directional changes like the X Bloom. Even the Decent with the Filter basket needs movement of the pourover device by hand during extraction. It isn't a set it and forget it (filter 3.0 should be, looking forward to that.)

More generally, I don't quite understand why companies keep releasing products meant to replicate human movement or technique using devices\techniques designed around human movement constraints. The initial design of the V60 was made for humans pouring water over coffee. If you are going to automate a task then design it from the ground up without needing a human in the first place. A V60 or other pourover device isn't "cosmically" the best way to extract filter coffee (how human centric would our universe be if it was? It is (arguably) the best way we have found for a human using a kettle to do it, but if you are removing the human and kettle then why use a device that was designed for those constraints in the first place?

I'd be much more excited about a unit that figures out how the extract the perfect cup using an automated novel technique, kind of like the Ground Control brew system.

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Well I decided to forgo the Hiroia for a more traditional setup, Mochamaster 59691 KB. Not as a result of some of the comments, I think the Hiroia will make great coffee with the turbulence style water system, but I think since I make mostly espresso drinks the coffee machine should be easier for me and as well provide a larger dose for quest's when needed. Maybe I'll try pour over in the future, but for now, I'm going to try a tried a true workhorse.

Keep the comments on the Hiroia coming, the information has been fascinating.
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The Hiroia Hikaru V60 is shipping!

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Mine arrived today. I am not going to keep it. I have moved too far into my espresso exploration that the Hikaru won't get much use.

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I just attempted to use it and it shuts itself off at odd times and doesn't seem to be working right. Im going to see if I am able to return it. Any idea where we would do that? I got it from indigogo so not sure if we can return things there or how that works.