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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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RTOBarista wrote:I would recommend Daniel at Klatch coffee in Redondo Beach. I did a private lesson to appreciate tasting at the Shop. He will come to your home. He recently came up as finalist in pour over at coffee meeting in Portland.
Whaaaatt.... really? That's awesome. Where can I get some more information? Just call the Redondo Beach location?
I actually just reached out to a roaster friend and he put me in contact with someone that might do exactly what Daniel does.

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I work at a grocery store with a very high quality coffee selection and I mostly drink sample bags from the roasters, some of which are considered the best roasters in LA, so I really don't think it's the coffee although it's possible.
I find coffee at grocery stores to be stale and way past their ideal use date(1-3 weeks from roast). Most bags don't even have a roast date but a expiration one. I just assume 6 months prior for roast date.

I suggest you buy coffee from a roster directly with a roast date of less than two weeks. That might be your issue right there.

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Call the Redondo Beach Klatch store. They have great coffee. Ask for Daniel. He also has periodic classes on site for $5.00 where they show different coffees. I had a private class at the store for tasting espresso It was a few hundred dollars, but I got coffee and a few gifts. He can come to your location. Let him know you are on Home Barista and that Ray referred you. This is him setting up for a tasting ($5.00)