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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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Agreed with Luca about the quality drop, and at about the same time I had to start dropping brew temperatures for Ethiopian beans. It was somewhat unintuitive for me based on what I had read online but dropping temperatures really fixed it for me. I'm talking like 90 degree celsius. I too go for 2.5min brew times, again mentioned by Luca, for my usual 15g/250g ratio. I now mostly avoid Ethiopian if possible.

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I've found lower temps increases sweetness and flavor for coffee from Ethiopia.

Ground coffee retains about twice it's weight in water (unless compressed, squeezed, or drained under vacuum pressure) which translates to two points when going from percolation to immersion so a good starting point if you're using 16:1 now would be 14:1 with an immersion brewer.

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