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I recently purchased the new Growler Werks nitro keg because I've been living off Starbucks Niro Cold Brew for a year now, and decided to start making my own. I went to replace the nitro cartridge after my first keg of coffee. I assumed, unfortunately, that the nitro cartridge was empty so I removed the sleeve and boy was I surprised to find out that there was PLENTY of N20 in there still! My question is, how many kegs are you guys getting out of each cartridge?

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Welcome to HB Richard!

I didn't want your post to sit unanswered, even though I don't have one of these. I was mildly interested when they came out, but almost never have nitro brew that I figured I didn't need another coffee device unitasker. I do have one of those nitro siphon things for whipped cream if the urge hits.

I'm curious what your thoughts on it are. Do you see value in the system?

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I went with a different solution as I wanted to charge a smaller quantity at a time (500ml), and charge with N2 instead of N2O.

Regardless, the lid part that holds the gas is still pressurized even after the coffee has all been dispensed. You have to bleed off that pressure through turning the dial (when the lid has been removed).