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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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Hi All, a bit frustrated trying to look for the right solution, appreciate any advise.

I have an eureka mignon grinder which grinds directly into the portafilter. However if I'm doing a press/pour over coffee I don't have something to grind into to then weigh and add to the brewing method.

In cafes and videos I see all use a sort of metal small cup or bin, but can't find it as coffee equipment.

Thoughts? Thanks!


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I believe the bottom half of a cocktail shaker is what you need. Can be found cheap online.


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Thank you! I just coincidentally found the name for what I was looking for "Dosing Cup".
A few options out there, from the rather expensive acaia to other makers.


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tennisman03110 wrote:I believe the bottom half of a cocktail shaker is what you need. Can be found cheap online.
I started using a coffee mug to capture grinds. Would the cocktail shaker make any difference?


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I've got no idea, to be honest. I would assume so, however. The cocktail shaker has a thinner rim, and offers precise pour. I don't use one for this purpose everyday, but sometimes I do, and it works even for an Aeropress.

My coffee mugs are pretty thick on the lip, so can't image it would work well in pouring grinds.

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I think the differences would primarily be aesthetic.

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my grinder (vario) has an anti-static grind bin so I use that. Prior to using this I thought "anti-static" was just a gimmick but baratza really does accomplish this well and grinds slide out with ease, I was so used to tapping the container but it really isn't needed at all with this bin. Perhaps not well suited without the grinder, for you application.

otherwise, I grab one of the kids plastic cups, they're lightweight so they don't throw off the scales too much and I have a bunch of them so if you forget to tare the scales then just grab an empty one, tare the scales, and continue to use the one already with grinds. I've never had issues with static with them or grinds sticking to the plastic. I think they're from Ikea, cheap and colourful and works well for a drinking cup too (especially if you're 5 yrs old)