Grind size Kalita vs V60

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I have two questions.

Is grind size for Kalita coarser than V60 or finer?
I have the Baratza Virtuoso+ and I find that grind size at 15 (recommended by Baratza) chokes the filter and brewing time is more than 5 minutes. I tried using grind setting to 18 and it reduces the time to little over 4 minutes. what grind size do you use on V60 (medium size) that brews in about 3min to 3.5min.


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Typically, the recommended size for V60 is finer than that for Kalita wave. In the V60, the grinds are most of what controls your flow, whereas for the Wave, the brewer itself puts an upper bound on your flow.


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With less superb grinders I needed to grind a bit finer for Kalita than for V60. With a superb unimodal grinder I use the same grind for both and drawdown times are almost the same. Just adjust the grind size to get the drawdown time you want because it depends on a lot of things.


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