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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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Thank you Paul for the tips on water. Also, if you know of any more interesting recipes for pour overs, send them my way, as well

as any additional tidbits that would enhance my coffee knowledge/experience. Much appreciated! Cheers mate!


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No worries.

If you're looking for acidity, I think April recipes tend to highlight it. Here's an example:
He used 14g coffee, 200g water but typically he brews with 13g coffee, 200g water (which is what I use as well). In the video he explained he updosed to 14g because of the water he was using. Every now and then he will use 12g coffee, 200g if it flatters the coffee.

Notice that the pours are really fast in this method: 100g in about 10s, split into 50g poured fast in circles, then 50g poured fast in the center.

He referenced the Comandante grind size in some other videos to be around 26 for the 13g dose: (see the description)

The size of 26 was for the April Brewer so there might be some differences for the Blue Bottle Dripper. Only one way to find out - experiment :-)

Oh, I need to find a good grapefruit-juice tasting coffee. You made me a bit jealous :-)

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Thank you for the April recipe. I'll definitely get it a shot soon! As for a light roasted, single origin, coffee with grapefruit overtones,

may I suggest one of my favorites: Kenya Nyeri Othaya Gichichi.

It also has notes of honey and blackberry. Outstanding mouth feel, and finish! Try it, I think you would really enjoy it!

Until my next question, be well!