Grind preference for pourover, I like the mud

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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Quick background,
I do not seen to me able to taste the fruits, or any of the food descriptions (nor do I particularly care, I think) . I also favor SO Ethiopians (I do not taste blueberries). What I do get, and look for/like/want, is the whole mouthfeel, rich, 3 dimensional explosion. When I hit it right I feel as if it's like watching TV in color from previously getting only black and white. I'm sorry that I do not have the proper palate and verbiage to properly describe this.

I've noticed, in my brief foray into the dark arts, I get this much more easily and consistently when my filter bed looks muddy. I've just received a zp6 and it is capable of delivering output that looks exceptionally even in the grind. To me, it looks like what I would imagine a grinder that uses rollers, like a supermarket can of coffee. When I use the recommend, typical grind settings (4-5) the bed looks great but I am very much preferring a finer grind (I have been around #3). Obviously, I don't care how it looks, it is only about the taste. I will be playing with going finer (and then coarser) and seeing the results, this grinder is only about 2 weeks old yet. I had briefly tried coarser and didn't like it too much (didn't spend much time on this)

Am I not looking for the clarity that I hear this grinder excels in. I can get that, but then it doesn't have the mouthfeel that I want. I want coffee syrup, not coffee tea. Can you have the clarity, taste nuanced flavors, and get the mouthfeel? I guess I feel that my intrests wouldn't be served by training myself to appreciate anything 'new' as I am very happy with my current satisfaction and enjoyment of the brew now, unless that would ultimately bring my enjoyment higher. Yes, this is totally arbitrary and how my infantile mind processes it all. I am just wondering what the experts do,have done, and why. I just want my ultimate cup. I also usually do not have the time to spend chasing an empherial thing, spending lots of time for a very slight return (if any). I will do it if it can be better for me.

Sorry for the long rant.


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A random thought: try a good flat bed brewer or a no-bypass brewer. Examples: the April brewer, Origami with Kalita papers, Kalita Wave, Fellow Stagg brewer, etc. From what I understand they emphasize mouthfeel and sweetness, and at least with the Origami I get enough clarity to distinguish the specific taste notes, though maybe not all of them. Probably my palate ain't the best either.

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Thanks, I will try that too. Previously, before I had the ZP6, I had put the time into testing various methods. I had used B75, Kalita 155, v60 01 & 02, Cafec flower, Malita, and Mugen. I hence standardized on the Mugen because of taste and time. I guess that I will be trying them all over again with the ZP6 and see the differences and how they have changed (or me)

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I don't know the flavor profile you're looking for, but maybe "filter" isn't going to be tailored for obtaining that profile. Filter paper tends to retain some of the oils and fines, which might be contributing to what you enjoy. I would try out some of the metal filter baskets like the SwissGold† or stainless steel ones to see if you enjoy the style of coffee they produce.

A moka pot may also be a method that gets you to the strength and mouthfeel that you enjoy. There are several videos out now on simple techniques that reduce or eliminate the excessive bitterness that some associate with using a moka pot.

† I recall the SwissGold brand name from many, many years ago. I have no idea of their current quality

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Wow, you made me realize that I did use a gold filter all those years ago in my Krups auto drip.
I will see what I can do about implimenting something like that.

Currently, using a Moka pot wouldn't fit in my morning routine. I do enjoy using them, and I had recently purchased a 'brikka' to try out as well (liked it). I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. I do hope that the Swissgold filters are still around and of good quality.

I'm not sure exactly what profile that I'm looking for either, but so far I am enjoying the cone drips the most frequently (and they fit best in my daily routine). Perhaps I will look into an auto dripper. The gold (metal) filter does sound like something I would desire but I think that I will not want the size and counterspace that will be required for a dedicated coffee machine.

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Able Kone or Kone Mini fit V60's.

SwissGold are made by Frieling/Cilio and have "Cilio" embossed on them.

Lots of less expensive fakes, of course.
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Thanks, I will be picking one up soon. I think that I will wait for my paper filter stock to go down first. If I like them, my paper usage will plummet.