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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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I putting together some methods for v60 brewing first looking at Rao/Hoffmann/Perger/Davies and they are all very similar. I've come to realize these approaches are not necessarily about the best results, they are about consistent results that are teachable and repeatable across a wide range of people and are more targeting cafes methods who care about those kinds of things. They have perks like keeping the temp of the slurry high and easy to repeat. Pulse methods add more complexities and time that perhaps yield smaller results, harder to teach and easier to mess up. I basically think of them as western methods (quick single pours) vs eastern methods (slow pulse pours). One pulse method that comes to mind is the 4:6 method by Tetsu Kasuya but I'll be honest that's the only one I really know or have tried. Anyone have some good pulsing methods that you think are worth sharing and better than these single pours famous on youtube? if you do I would love to try them out.


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The most epic pouring Nic Cho...
The best ever.....


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Yan wrote:The most epic pouring Nic Cho...


The best ever.....
nice, thanks... this still confirms my western/eastern theory (and the fact you're from Indo kind of double downs on that). the east (more specifically Asia) seems to desire the process more where taking your time and a practiced hand are important parts of the coffee where the west seems more interested in what is the best cup I can get with the least amount of time and one anyone can do it (perhaps Cho is being facetious about this early on in the video).


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in case anyone is interested I might as well post the 4:6 method I mentioned in the OP


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I have been using a pulse recipe that the owner of Vibrant Coffee suggested for V60 pulse:

17:1 ratio, near boil;

0 to 35 seconds: 3 to 1 bloom, stir-excavate grounds;

35 to 55 seconds: pour 60% of total water including bloom from high point just before water splatters, finishing around 55 seconds into brew;

55 seconds to 1:30 just let first pour drain;

1:30 to 1:55 mark: pour rest of water more gently, finishing around 1:55 then stir and swirl and let drain.

In my first try, it made a coffee, which was not very good in a single pour brew, very good in pulse brew.


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Thanks that's a really clear method