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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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In lands of 100-120 V, you can't beat physics. You can help it a bit with insulation, but to-temperature times are going to be roughly the same.

The thermostatic kettles I've used haven't had a steam detector. They merrily boil away at local boiling and don't detect that the set temperature is unobtainable. I also had to forgo my beloved Zojurushi dispenser as it never auto-adjusted to our 208 F local boiling point.

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jpender wrote:That's a beautiful looking kettle. But at 1200W it's not going to boil faster. A review I looked at said one of the downsides of the Stagg EKG is that it is slow to boil. ...

One thing I'm curious about: What happens if you set the temperature on the Stagg EKG above the local boiling point? ...
The slowness doesn't bother me as hand grinding is the limitation of the workflow. (I'll use other kettles when I use an electric grinder and make more coffee. I bought the EKG on a bit of a lark - the super-early-bird KickStarter price was very good.)

I'm also always brewing lighter roasts for one cup so I only use the variable temperature function for green tea. However, for brewing medium and darker roasts I could see a use for lower temperatures. I do use the "hold temp" function.

I'm only 230ft above sea level so I can't comment on the boiling point. The kettle appears to use its PID all the time so it is probably slower to boil than an on/off kettle.
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baldheadracing wrote:The kettle appears to use its PID all the time so it is probably slower to boil than an on/off kettle.
The review I saw mentioned a disproportionate time for heating up that final degree to boiling, which is consistent with PID control.

The ideal kettle probably doesn't exist.

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It looks like what I want doesn't exist. Not super interested in using two kettles and I don't want a fast flow rate for french press or tea, but for fast flow pourover, so the Corvo et al wouldn't work. I'll probably end up with the Brewista since its got good flow rate and heats a bit faster than the Bonavita. Might wait two weeks to see if any deals pop up since usually that week there are tons of online sales.


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jpender wrote:
And with induction you'd have a hot kettle that you wouldn't be able to just plop down anywhere like you can with an electric kettle.

I maintain that Formica was the perfect countertop material
Could take 300F without issue

Putting a kettle of boiling water on it off of stove isnt detmental

Not fancy enough for people anymore....


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It's not so much not being "fancy" as plain unattractive. Formica doesn't have a great look. Both my wife and I grew up with Formica countertops in the kitchens. While they were convenient for wiping clean they were kind of ugly. And we also both remembered permanent burn marks on the counters.

Would you really recommend putting a hot metal pot on a Formica surface?
The Formica company doesn't:
Formica wrote:Heat is a welcome element for cooking but make sure you keep it off the laminate countertops in your kitchen. Hot cookware can leave permanent burn marks on many countertop surfaces including laminate. That's why we always recommend using a protective barrier such as a trivet or a hot plate as a final resting place for oven- or stovetop-fresh pots and pans. It's also a good practice to use trivets underneath appliances that get hot such as waffle irons...

...For those of you whose laminate countertops have had unfortunate experiences with hot cookware ... sadly there is no way to turn back time. Take heart it doesn't have to mean the end of a good-looking countertop. If you have some moderate DIY countertop skills you can try one of these clever solutions:

1. For small burn marks cut out the damage and apply a filler product.

2. For larger areas cut out the damage and insert a Surface Saver cutting board or trivet.

3. For countertops with straight or beveled edges resurface over the existing laminate with a new piece of laminate. ... and-repair

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Artisan showed up today and I'm happy with it. Stainless sold out before I could order one so I got the black/woodgrain. The controls look and feel nice. Kettle is heavier than Stagg and maybe Bonavita, but the extra capacity is nice for the occasional batch brewing. Flow control is good although it has a way different balance point I'm used to for slower flow rates. I made some decaf excited to do a morning brew with it tomorrow.


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I don't think kettle matters too too much? It went from a generic gooseneck to a stagg this year and will say the restricted flow is nice (easier to keep a consistent 6 ml/s), but it's not a major change to my brewing. Actually, the only reason I got the stagg was to get a insta-read digital thermometer attachment, fitted to a 3D printed mount made by broken gooseneck.

The thermometer is a substantial upgrade compared to the analog dial. Because temperature has such a fundamental impact on the brewing dynamic (flavor profile, drawdown speed, extraction%), having an instant thermometer really ups control and consistency. It really does read INSTA, kind of like the experience you have when you have a good scale for the first time (like acaia). Not completely necessary, but the difference is real.


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Just to share my experience with the 1.2L Brewista 1500W for 3+ years, after 1 year daily use at home, sometimes the PID get fluctuate so if you set at 92C they can go more than 92C but it was random sometimes 1-2 times in a week or never happened in a month or longer, it doesn't bother me that much just switched off an on most of the time back to normal, this week it happened every day so i try to take some video to share the experience.
It was set at 93C but the PID fluctuate up and down. ... p=drivesdk

Maybe it's time to get a new kettle or wait till completely broken...